Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber by Elite Hyperbaric

Our Epsilon sitting/reclining type chamber from Elite Hyperbaric is a 1.4 ATA Chamber that includes a retractable chair along with a total of 10 windows i.e. 5 on each side. A large number of windows are sure to ease claustrophobia. This design is also aesthetically pleasing. design is a great choice for those unable to step into a top entry chamber or simply want the flexibility of going from sitting straight up to laying back in relaxation. Users enter from the front of the chamber as it zips down towards the feet and splits open in the middle to allow easy entrance. With an 89-inch length, those of all sizes can have the comfort to stretch their legs in this chamber. This is one of our best portable hyperbaric chambers able to deliver compressed oxygen at 1.4 ATA(42 KPA). This hyperbaric chamber offers an upgraded 10 LPM oxygen generator producing 95%  oxygen purity for the most effective treatments. Our system has been built with safety in mind with an emergency pressure relief button to speed the exit of the chamber in emergencies and dual pressure gauges both inside and outside providing redundancy of airflow.


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